In this article, I provide some photography tips and show you how I create my “low key lighting” photographs with very little financial investment.

Even if you are photography beginners, you can create these types of shadowy pictures with only a few common photography techniques. I’ll explain the lighting gear…

If you like this tutorial, you might like my art. (NSFW)

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Adobe Lightroom does some things great, and some things badly. Adobe Photoshop basically fills the gaps left by Lightroom, and vice-versa.

Because each application has its strengths and…

Have you ever posted a photograph on the internet, only to look at it on your phone and find flaws you didn’t see before? Not all screens are made equal. Phone screens, in particular, are very high resolution.

If you’re doing low or high key lighting photography, and you import…

How To Find Photography Models Near Me, And Connect For Photoshoots

Although I work with some big brands that commonly lean on modeling agencies, I’m finding the tide is partially moving away from their reliance. …

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